How a New Roof Can Increase Your Homes Energy Efficiency – Home Efficiency Tips

Energy efficiency. Not only will a new roof improve your home’s energy efficiency, but it’ll also enhance the curb appeal of your house and boost its worth.
Radiant Barrier

Modern roofing techniques can boost the energy efficiency of your house and can be a fantastic solution to decrease your power costs and enjoy the new advantages of your roof for your home. One of these options is a radiant barrier, an insulation that blocks the transfer of heat between two spaces. Radiant barriers can be very effective when it is hot, since they reflect heat away from home and make the home cooler. This is a major expense during the summer, when cooling costs are at a high.

Besides reflecting heat, radiant barriers also limit heat transfer through convection and conduction. They also reduce the transfer of heat between the hot outer part of the roof onto the cooler inside surface creating a warmer and efficient home. Radiant barriers are also beneficial in reducing the impact on the environment of your home through reducing power consumption while maintaining a pleasant interior temperature. If you’re considering installing a radiant shield to your roofing get in touch with a licensed roofing service that can offer local roof as well as gutter repairs, to discuss the options available.

Energy Star Rating

With the increasing usage of power sources, and concern about sustainable energy, having an energy-efficient house is vital. Many people think that it is just about appliances however, roofs are an essential component. A standard roof lasts around 20 years, but with regular maintenance, a roof can be used for a long time. Some homeowners opt for another roof put in when it’s time to replace an older roof.

If you do, however, investing in an Energy Star certified roof allows you to enjoy the new benefits of your roof. Roofs that are awarded Energy Star certification Energy Star label have to conform to strict standards for energy efficiency.


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