9 Reasons to Consider Hardwood Flooring

Also, you can get flooring in vinyl and laminate. A solid floor is created from one piece of hardwood. Refinishing hardwood floors involves finishing off the flooring’s top layer of wood and then applying a protective coating.

Vinyl and laminate are two synthetic substances. Engineered wood is composed of multiple layers. Parquet flooring is a strip of wood that are laid out in a specific geometrical pattern. Hardwood flooring is made up of bamboo, walnut, oak and maple. They also come from cherry and mahogany.

After you’ve selected what kind of wood to use, you should also look into the price of flooring. These planks are composed of wood and go under the floor. The solid wood flooring long lengths as well as your desired lengths for hardwood flooring vary but the typical length of flooring usually is 3 feet.

No matter what type of flooring you decide to choose, it is important that you maintain it correctly in order for it lasts. Consult your contractor to find the right type of flooring that is suitable for your home.


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