How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Commercial Building? – Small Business Tips

Are still susceptible to wear and tear.

If you are trying to figure out how much it cost to renovate commercial structures, you should consider the expense of roofing. If you only have leaks and flashing, a roof repair might be a few hundred dollars. A major damage or complete roof replacement may cost thousands. To find out more about the options available, speak to a roofing company.

Lobby refurbishments

The lobby is usually the first location that customers will encounter when they arrive at your commercial property. If your lobby is outdated or unwelcoming lobby, it’s an ideal time to make it a more modern. Look at the dimension of the lobby and what you’ll have to do to ensure that the renovation is cost effective. Do you need fresh flooring for instance? Will you need to paint? Will you need to alter the furniture?

Your company can leave an impression on potential clients through a revamp of your lobby. It is also a good idea to consider updating your lobby signage. The cost of new flooring is around $3/square feet, and painting can cost just around a couple hundred dollars. Furniture replacement can be costly, however you may be able to find previously used furniture for just a small fraction of the price.

The Break Room is being renovated. Break Room

The employees of your company spend a considerable quantity of their time in the break room. Perhaps it’s time to revamp your breakroom, especially when it’s in bad state of repair or outdated. In determining the amount the cost of renovating commercial buildings, think about which features you’ll want to incorporate into the break area. The right break room will boost morale of employees and increase the appeal of your company to potential workers.

The most popular renovations for breakrooms include installing new appliances and extra counter space. A mini fridge or coffee machine might be an alternative. The cost of these renovations could be up to a couple hundred dollars more based on the nature of the task. Like, for instance, the installation


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