A Guide for Parents With Young Children – Concordia Research

In front of the television, playing games or on their mobiles. Screen time that is too long and lack of physical activity can cause a variety of issues and weight gain. One of the best ways for your child to get more exercise is to cut down on the amount of hours they’re in front of the TV or on their mobiles.

Limit the amount of time your kids spend with media, regardless of whether they aren’t a fan initially. It is not advisable to allow the media to substitute for their normal time off, physical activity and nutritional habits. Limit screen time to a minimum of one hour or less for kids under five years old. You must discourage screen time when children are younger than 18 months. If your children watch television, make sure it’s high-quality program. Watching together with them to assist the kids understand what’s being broadcast.

Once your children are no longer in school It is now the time to determine what amount of exercise you’ll be performing. According to the Department of Health and Human Services provides a set of guidelines for parents to exercise. The guidelines recommend that children as well as teenagers aged between six and seventeen have at least an hour of active daily. This includes moderate to vigorous physical activity. Exercises to strengthen muscles and bone strength activities are the most essential exercises for young children. The exercises should be completed at least 3 times during the week.

Play is an essential part every day life of preschoolers. There’s no established time specifying how long children need to exercise. The best goal is to strive for at least 3 hours of moderate, intense and light exercise each day. In addition, unstructured play and organized adult activities are included. Discover if the preschool gives a parents’ guide on encouraging your child to exercise and get physical activity.

3 hours should be dedicated every day on exercise and physical activities to children younger than 3 years young. Activity, play as well as light exercises are suitable. You can think of things that include running, jumping and hopping. The child you have should never be completely unoccupied.


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